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Och! social media

The time has come!

For the last few months

I have really struggled with social media and the constant need to me online 24hrs and available at all times to everyone. The constant noise is a complete sensory overload for me and within around 5 minutes I need a lie down. I also find that i get nothing else done when I am chronically scrolling. Probably the whole intention eh?

Today I popped on (as you do) and seen that yet again a spammer ( presumption I know) you know the ones " hello beautiful lady please accept my love … " well that was it I decided I am so sick of not being able to reach my clients daily but am reaching people all over the world who will never book in for any treatments. It has been a scary decision and I know I will pop on and off BUT I decided to move my alliance from Facebook to Instagram for an experiment.

Have I been

stuck to Facebook out of fear are there other opportunity out there Facebook free? well here we go let's find out.

What is that saying face the fear and do it anyway !

Stay tuned I plan to use my website more. But as a Counselling student I have a ton of research and mountains of assignments also. But hey i do love a challenge …

Can you relate?

oh find me on Instagram leahhepburnhealer ... be fabby to see you there.

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