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Meditation and Drum Healing

Really enjoying working on a Tuesday night not many people can say that. My meditation class's within the Loft in Cambuslang. The room itself is just amazing.

Everything is catered for which blows my mind. All you need to bring is some water to hydrate.

The class starts with a relaxing meditation, this is to allow the body to consciously relax. After this I guide you to a lovely journey of peach and tranquility. In the most part we end up in healing water. A pool or the ocean is our favorite.

The drum is then brought in. What this does is allows the vibrations of the drum to instill healing energy allowing the body to kick start the healing needed.

We finish the night having a chat about how we feel.

And it's as straightforward at that. If this is something you would likento join give me a shout.

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