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It's uffy fast

As someone who likes to appreciate what's going on in my world. I am still feeling like the energy around me is too fast. I've officially come off socials although I have access I have removed all the apps. Like is supersonic and I can't seem to grab hold so I'm getting off the carousel and I'm going to have a wander.

This wander has so far allowed me to make some massive decisions with the buisness. Whether this will work or not in the long term is too early to say. I need time to show me. As being an impatient person waiting is really hard.

I am finding that I am still filling the space I have made for my "me" time instead of taking time out I am instead updating my diary, writing this blog post, looking at what paper is due next at college.

So here I am owning it. I don't have it all together. Being on it 100% of the time is a total myth and I bought into it.

So << the word of the day

... I am going to keep wandering and see what else is out here in the real world. Socials will always be there to show you how wrong you are at life.... that no longer sits well with me. Never really did.

Living life the way you want it is the new must have and I'm on it.

Life is suoer fast expecially this time of year.
Uffy fast out there

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