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I take weekends off

Did you know I take weekends off?

Ironically I am sitting writing this in a hotel room in Bradford on a Sunday morning. BUT ! I take the weekends off.

I decided a while back that constantly being 'on'is just too much. Being part of the 24/7 has never worked for me. There are too many plates to spin as it is, how I managed to keep in constant work mode is beyond me.

As menopause has took its shows off and got in to its confy slippers and jammies inhave realised indeed more rest and at least 1 day a week to completely halt.

Sonintake weekends off. I don't work all weekend but I do pop in. I have been very good this weekend. I am away with my mum on our first mums and daughter weekend away, I have answered 1 email and put the phone away. I have taken less photos that ever as really want to be present this weekend.

I could do with another Sunday BUT I am off to York today to visit a city high up on my to do list. Can't wait !

Do you take time off?

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