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Coaching What is it?

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Life coaching is a great way to find and follow your life goals.  life coach will never tell you what to do but allow you to find your way and help you find solutions to overcome obstacles. 

Coaching can be used in all areas of life and works well with anxiety, depression, menopause and many more symptoms of life. 

I have been trained to use several techniques with clients from NLP to EFT (Tapping) and so much more in-between. 

My style of coaching has been developing for the last few years and incorporates my education in the following areas

HNC Counselling 
Certificate in Addictions Counselling 

Life Coaching (Serenity by Kevin) 

HND Complementary Therapies 
Reiki (all Levels) 

Kinetic Chain Release 

First Aid Mental Health 

First Aid Mental Health Young Adult 

Each of the many courses i have attended have the same end goal - to help others find their true self and live a happier life. 

For more information contact me through the contact me section of this site. 

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