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Leah Hepburn 

Intuitive Healer

Hello I am Leah a Kinetic Chain Release practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and Life Coach. I am currently training to be an Integrative Counsellor.

I offer a variety of therapies from my home salon and also run workshops and training in Uddingston and Cambuslang.


I currently host a Meditation and Drum Healing class withing the cosy Malachite Studio at The Loft, Cambuslang Main Street on the 1st Tuesday of the month. 


My mission is to help others find time for their own healing, through meditation, reiki or simply by being themselves. In this fast-track way of life that we live, it is almost always our own needs that are put to the bottom of the pile as we help others before we think of our own needs. 

Let's change that together, it's time to find your own time, time to heal and thrive, let me show you how. 

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Salon Hours

Monday , Tuesday and Friday 

New clients are invited to book in for :

KCR (Kinetic Chain Release), Reiki , Drum Healing, 121 meditation, Wellbeing hour and Tarot. 


Available Services 

Meditation  & Drum Healing Classes


The Loft Main Street Cambuslang   


1st  Tuesday of the month 630 pm

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